Fashion for lightweight and breathable jogging suits for sports in the summer

Jogging suits are year-round amenities of the athlete, especially on cooler days. In the summer they are mainly used in warm-up phase and during breaks, to protect the muscle of the athlete from cooling down. Send to a jogging suit for the summer special requirements. The tracksuit is a two-parter, usually with long sleeves and legs. However, models with short pants and / or shirt are recently offered for the summer. Whether the athletes opting for a long or short jogging suit or a combination of long and short part, lies in its sole discretion. However, it is important that the track suit is breathable and lightweight.

Cotton jogging suits

Classic jogging suits are made of cotton. For sporting activities they are used only to a limited extent today. Your developers assumed that cotton is a natural material that absorbs sweat well. This statement is true. Nevertheless, pure cotton is hardly sporting activities because the tissue once the welding emits the absorbed poorly to the environment. The jogging stick to the skin and cools them. In addition, a moist cotton suit are quite heavy.

Polyester jogging suits

Classic pure polyester fabric make a jogging suit very easily. Your breathability is limited. In sports activities to collect near the polyester fabric of the sweat, the skin feel is quite unpleasant in a short time. It has more suitable are cotton-polyester blends. They combine the advantages of both materials and they are also relatively inexpensive.

High quality functional fiber jogging suits

It feeds often sports activities in summer, will set a higher quality jogging suit. It special fabric designed with air equipment to meet all requirements of the athlete needs. So-called functional fibers ensure that the sweat is transported away from the body as quickly as possible, without the fibers to absorb him.