Requirements of a tracksuit for outdoor sports in winter

Jogging suits are usually two-piece sports suits that consist of a long pants and a matching sweatshirt. They are worn in sports or leisure and are used all year round. However, special demands are placed on the jogging suit, if it is to be worn in the winter when outdoor sports.

The tracksuit has been originally developed for jogging, a moderate form of running and consisted of pure cotton. Its advantage over other textiles was its high breathability. Even today, classic cotton jogging suits are offered. They are ideal for recreational activities or for the sport of indoor growing, and for the fitness sport on cooler days outdoors. For outdoor sports in winter they are only of limited use.

The onion principle in cotton

Many athletes, especially runners, dress traditionally in the winter after the onion principle. This means they draw several layers of clothing over the other. Between these layers creates pockets of air which protect the body from cooling down in addition.

With this type of equipment can be quite helpful also a cotton jogging suit. As a pure running apparel but it is unsuitable. While taking cotton moisture very well, but it has a long drying time.

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